Personalised Letter From Santa

Personalised Letter From SantaChristmas is almost here, so why not order your child a personalised letter from Santa?

Watch their little faces light up when Santa writes to them with information that only ‘he’ would know! They’re a perfect Christmas treat for both young and old!

Share the joy as your child realises Santa knows their friends names, their wish list and whether they have been naughty or nice. Only Santa could know these things!

Treat your little one to a fabulous letter from Santa in the North Pole!

These Christmas letters from Santa are truly unique as they are personalised with information provided by you, for each child and are signed by Santa himself. The even include a stamp from the North Pole!

The highly personalised message is signed from Santa, and a stamp from the North Pole is included on the envelope! The personalisation service allows you to add details about your child’s good achievements, the names of their siblings and friends, and gifts on their Christmas list, if they have one.

You can create a multitude of different letters as you can choose from a variety of paragraphs. You may find this useful if you are buying for a number of children.

Order today and make your child’s Christmas magical!

Personalisation Tips For Your Letter From Santa

Kids Letters From SantaTo ensure you get the best result from your Letter From Santa it’s important to fill in the personalisation carefully, you really want to give your child the best gift.

1. Gift Ideas

Phrase the gift idea as the answer to the question “What could it be…?” For example, you could enter “A drone” or “The Princess Elsa doll you love”.

If you decide not to enter a gift, the letter will simply read “What could it be…? Maybe it’s the gift you’ve been wishing for” and keep them guessing!

2. Activities and Achievements

Phrase the activities and achievements as the answer to the question “Now I’ve heard that you are doing so well…” For example, you could enter “at horseriding” or “at dancing”.

By including all of the important people and events in your child’s life will help increase the belief that Santa is really watching everything.

Spread some good will this festive season!

So don’t delay, order today.

Last Santa Letter Posting Dates

Please do not place a letter order with Christmas Letters from Santa after the last postal dates listed below as we cannot guarantee that they will reach you in time for Christmas:

Australia: Tuesday 11th December
New Zealand: Tuesday 11th December

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