How To Create Awesome Printed T-Shirts

The Best Ways To Create Awesome Printed T-Shirts

If you’re looking for the best ways to create awesome printed t-shirts then screen printing or direct to garment printing are two of the most popular options and certainly the more qualitative (leaving behind the days of vinyl and heat transfers) when trying to create awesome t shirts.

Screen printing graphics deliver a high quality method that lets us easily print many of the same type of custom t shirts which makes it cheaper than Direct-to-Garment printing options for bigger orders.

These days there are tons of options for printing custom t shirts, each is different and has its own characteristics.

If you’re printing cheap graphic tee shirts for men or ladies graphic tees or any type of cool graphic tees and want to make a large order of t-shirts at one time, the graphic t shirts you want to print are all of the same design and don’t have too many different colors, then graphic tees screen printing could be the best option for you.

The screen printing process involves pushing ink through a woven mesh stencil onto the fabric. The openings in the stencil create the space through which the ink will go to create the unique shirt designs you require.

Due to the techniques involved in screen printing graphic t shirt designs, only one color can be applied at any one time, therefore, the number of colors in a screen printed t-shirt design is limited and each layer demands more time, another screen and stencil and ultimately, it becomes hard to produce cheap graphic tees.

While screen printing is a good choice for simple, one color, solid designs when you’re creating many printed t-shirts of the same design at a time, Direct to Garment printing is fast becoming the go-to option for printing the best graphic shirts if you have a more complex design.

There are many ways to get screen printed tee shirts. Here’s a great tutorial on how to do it at home if you want to give it a go!), otherwise, find a screen printer close to our, or, graphic tee collection from our exclusive partner, Shirterrific and view the range of custom t shirts including funny t shirts, vintage t shirts as well as shirts for men and shirts for women including the ever-popular vote for pedro shirt….so have a look around!

If you don’t see a design that meets your needs or have a custom t shirts you would like printed with your own design, simply Contact Us with more information and we’ll see how we can help you.

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