DIY Paint Splattered Umbrellas

Paint Splattered Umbrellas

You can brighten up anyone’s day with this electric neon paint splattered umbrella!

DIY Paint Splattered UmbrellaThe best part in giving and receiving a handcrafted gift like this, is that special feeling of knowing that no-one else has one like it.

A paint splattered umbrella is a simple way to turn a plain umbrella into a unique and stylish accessory and make the perfect creative DIY gift for anyone who loves to stand out from the crowd.

The supplies you will need to create your paint splattered umbrella include a drop cloth, waterproof paint, old plate, all-purpose paint brushes, scrap paper and of course, an umbrella.

You may want to test out a few splatter techniques before you get started painting your umbrella. To begin, cover your work area with a drop cloth and pour a few drops of paint onto an old plate.

Then, dip your paintbrush into the paint and begin flicking the brush at some scraps of paper and experiment with different brushes, angles and distances until you feel comfortable with the paint splatter technique you are going to use. Then it’s time to paint your umbrella.

To get started on your paint splattered umbrella, open your umbrella and rest it on its handle. One at a time, splatter each colour and rotate the umbrella as you do. Allow each layer of paint to dry before you apply the next layer.

Once all colours are dry, leave your umbrella open to dry all night. Once your paint splattered umbrella is dry, it is now ready for use.

Learn how to create your own Paint-Splattered Umbrella with full instructions and pictures from Design For Mankind.

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