Homemade Floppy Disk Plant Boxes

Floppy Disk Plant Boxes

We were excited when we saw these cool Floppy Disk Plant Boxes! They’re a great throwback gift and a fun way to give some old technology a new purpose and add a lovely burst of colour to your desk, bureau, or kitchen window.

How To Make Floppy Disk Plant BoxesThis project is a fun and colourful way to dress up a plain planter and would look great both outdoors or indoors. We especially love the idea of using the disk labels to name the plants and display instructions on how to care for them.

The supplies you will need to create your planter box include hot glue (or marine glue), plants (soil, seeds, containers) and floppy disks (if you haven’t got any laying around you’ll be able to pick some up at your local discount store or on Amazon).

Get all of your materials in order. The glue will be for attaching the disks to each other. The scissors are for cutting the rim off your plastic planters, if they don’t quite fit in your floppy disk plant box.

Arrange your floppy disks by colour. A set of 25 is perfect for 5 planters – 5 disks for each planter. Heat up the glue and squeeze a thin line onto the edge of a disk and attach it to the second disk’s edge until you’ve gone all the way around. For the bottom, glue four edges of your fifth disk and attach!

Now to get your plant ready. If you’re planting something from scratch, we recommend reusing an old yogurt container. These are decorative planters so you will want to keep your plant in a plastic container or planter that it comes in. If you really want to put soil directly into your floppy disk plant box, make sure you sit it on a plate or tray to hold any excess water flow.

If you really want to get creative, you can use floppy disk labels to make notes about your plants and how to care for them.

And with that, you have your own Floppy Disk Plant Boxes you can give away as an awesome homemade green gift.

Get the complete guide with pictures on how to build planters out of these colourful plastic disks, visit Brit + Co.

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