DIY Instagram Calendar

DIY Instagram Calendar

A personalised Instagram calendar is an awesome way to display treasured memories.

DIY Instagram CalendarWith the popularity of Instagram still on the rise, a homemade Instagram calendar brings a retro-feel to one of the hottest tech trends while adding a cute touch of chic to the office desk, fridge or kitchen table.

All you have to do to make an adorable calendar like this is get your favorite photos printed. Once you’ve got your photos, you’ll need a printable calendar template, some simple supplies, time and love, to get started.

The supplies you will need to create your Instagram calendar include scissors, hole puncher, double sided tape, string of thread and patterned washi tape.

Print-out the calendar months preferably in a heavier/thicker printing paper so the calendar comes out very sturdy. If each calendar month is about 4 inches wide and 6 inches long you’ll be able to fit 2 into one page. There are a wide rang of printable calendar templates online or you can create your own.

Then choose your 12 most favorite Instagram moments and glue the photos into the top half of the calendar page. Then using double-sided tape, adhere all the photos with their respective months.

Now you have all the photos adhered to a specific month and a small margin on the top half of the calendar. Using a hole puncher, try to make 2 even holes on each side.

Now we need to tie all the months together. Lay out a small piece of thread, fold a piece of paper and put the piece of thread inside of it. Cut small pieces of washi tape and glue them together. Then using a pair of scissors you can cut out the mini shapes.

That’s it! Then tie all the months together using the banner and you’ve created your own DIY Instagram Calendar.

For a full tutorial on how to make this Personalised Instagram Calendar and other great homemade gift ideas, head over to Kloudya.

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