Colourful Tea Wreath

A colourful tea wreath will make a thoughtful present for any homemaker, hostess or tea-lover in your life.

Colourful Tea WreathNot only is it an unconventional way to give delicious tea, but this wreath is also perfect for entertaining. By displaying your tea selection, guests can easily choose which one they want without digging through the pantry. Plus, it’s a cute and colorful way to brighten up anyone’s kitchen.

Simple DIY handmade gifts can help you quickly pull together something special for your friends and family, and at a very low cost. So why not try something like this colourful tea wreath.

The supplies you will need to create your tea wreath include two pieces of 12x12ish cardboard (I used the back covers to two scrapbook paper packs), patterned paper that compliments your kitchen decor, clothes pins, hot glue and a ribbon for hanging.

Hot glue your two pieces of cardboard together (this is to give your base a little bulk). Cut the doubled up cardboard into a generally wreath-like shape (a circle, or if you’re adventurous, a square). Make sure the ‘wreath’ part is about as thick as a clothespin.

Cover your circle with patterned paper. You can trace your ‘wreath’ onto the back side of the patterned paper and then cut outside of the lines by about half an inch to give yourself gluing margin. Notch the margin up to your tracing lines and glue the little tabs around the outside and inside circles.

Cover your clothespins. You can either stick with patterned paper or cover with glitter or paint. You could even dye them!

Start hot gluing your clothespins to your wreath. Continue until the whole wreath is covered in evenly spaced clothespins. Make sure that the ‘mouth’ of the clothespin faces the outside of the wreath (otherwise you’ll have a whole jumble of tea bags in the center of the wreath and people won’t be able to see which kinds you have).

Tie a ribbon on your wreath for hanging. Clip your selected collection of tea onto each of your clothespins and enjoy!

For the step-by-step tutorial head over to Kojo Designs.

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