Fun homemade 3D paper Christmas wreath you can make at home by yourself or with the kids.

Join Crafty Daily in this fun 3D paper Christmas wreath tutorial.

Discover how to make homemade 3D paper Christmas wreaths.

These adorable homemade Christmas wreaths are fun crafts to make at home with the kids, by yourself or with friends during a Christmas craft party at home.

Kids will love these DIY handmade crafts and the homemade 3D paper Christmas wreath is a fun project that is simple and easy for children to create at home this Christmas.

Your homemade 3D paper Christmas wreath can also be used as Christmas decor or include it with your Christmas gifts for friends.

This how to make a 3D paper Christmas wreath tutorial helps you create an adorable Christmas decoration!

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Simple homemade paper snowflake Christmas decoration you can make at home by yourself or with the kids.

Join Crafty Daily in this fun homemade paper snowflake tutorial.

Discover how to make handmade paper snowflake Christmas decorations.

These adorable DIY paper snowflake Christmas decorations are fun crafts to make at home with the kids, by yourself or with friends during a Christmas craft party at home.

Kids will love these DIY handmade crafts and the paper snowflake Christmas decorations is a fun project that is simple and easy for the kids to create at home this Christmas.

Your homemade paper snowflake can be used as Christmas decor or include it with your Christmas gifts for friends.

This easy homemade paper snowflake tutorial helps you turn a piece of paper into this adorable Christmas decoration!

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Easy homemade 3D paper pop up Christmas tree greeting cards you can make at home by yourself or with the kids.

Join Crafty Daily in this fun handmade paper pop up Christmas tree tutorial.

Discover how to make a homemade 3d paper pop up Christmas tree greeting card.

These adorable paper pop up Christmas tree greeting cards are fun crafts to make at home with the kids, by yourself or with friends during a Christmas craft party at home.

Kids will love these DIY handmade crafts and the DIY paper Christmas tree is a fun project that is simple and easy for the kids to create at home this Christmas.

Your handmade 3d paper pop up Christmas tree greeting cards can also be used as Christmas decor or include it with your Christmas gifts for friends.

This beautiful 3D paper origami pop up Christmas tree tutorial helps you turn a piece of paper into this adorable Christmas decoration!

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Who knew it could be so easy to create marbled drinking glasses to add colour and style to your next party or gathering.

Marbled Drinking GlassesThe secret behind making these DIY Marbled Drinking Glasses? Nail polish! Using a simple yet clever marbling technique, you can transform flat bottomed drinking glasses into a stunning set of swirled glassware that’s definitely one-of-a-kind unique DIY gift. Just make sure to hand wash these dishes! You don’t want the paint to chip.

The supplies you will need to create your marbled drinking glasses include flat bottomed glassware, variety of colorful nail polish, clear nail polish, a disposable plastic container, nail polish remover, painters tape and toothpicks.

To start making your marbled drinking glasses, mask off the bottom of the glass with painters tape. Fill a disposable, plastic container with water. Open all the nail polish bottles.

Start by dripping polish into the water, one color at a time. Layer the colors one on top of the other. Take a toothpick and pull out the polish to create a swirly pattern, starting from the center. Work quickly as the polish will start to harden and clump up over time.

Submerge the bottom of the glass into the polish. Allow the polish to collect around the sides of the glass and pull out carefully. Little air bubbles may form but that is to be expected!

Before marbling the next glass, take a clean toothpick and sweep up any excess polish from the water.

Allow your painted drinking glasses to dry completely before applying a layer of clear polish which will create the marble effect. Once everything has dried, remove the painters tape and touch up with nail polish remover and a cotton swab.

Your marbled drinking glasses are now finished!

Learn how to make these DIY Marbled Drinking Glasses over at Honestly…WTF.


A colourful tea wreath will make a thoughtful present for any homemaker, hostess or tea-lover in your life.

Colourful Tea WreathNot only is it an unconventional way to give delicious tea, but this wreath is also perfect for entertaining. By displaying your tea selection, guests can easily choose which one they want without digging through the pantry. Plus, it’s a cute and colorful way to brighten up anyone’s kitchen.

Simple DIY handmade gifts can help you quickly pull together something special for your friends and family, and at a very low cost. So why not try something like this colourful tea wreath.

The supplies you will need to create your tea wreath include two pieces of 12x12ish cardboard (I used the back covers to two scrapbook paper packs), patterned paper that compliments your kitchen decor, clothes pins, hot glue and a ribbon for hanging.

Hot glue your two pieces of cardboard together (this is to give your base a little bulk). Cut the doubled up cardboard into a generally wreath-like shape (a circle, or if you’re adventurous, a square). Make sure the ‘wreath’ part is about as thick as a clothespin.

Cover your circle with patterned paper. You can trace your ‘wreath’ onto the back side of the patterned paper and then cut outside of the lines by about half an inch to give yourself gluing margin. Notch the margin up to your tracing lines and glue the little tabs around the outside and inside circles.

Cover your clothespins. You can either stick with patterned paper or cover with glitter or paint. You could even dye them!

Start hot gluing your clothespins to your wreath. Continue until the whole wreath is covered in evenly spaced clothespins. Make sure that the ‘mouth’ of the clothespin faces the outside of the wreath (otherwise you’ll have a whole jumble of tea bags in the center of the wreath and people won’t be able to see which kinds you have).

Tie a ribbon on your wreath for hanging. Clip your selected collection of tea onto each of your clothespins and enjoy!

For the step-by-step tutorial head over to Kojo Designs.


You can brighten up anyone’s day with this electric neon paint splattered umbrella!

DIY Paint Splattered UmbrellaThe best part in giving and receiving a handcrafted gift like this, is that special feeling of knowing that no-one else has one like it.

A paint splattered umbrella is a simple way to turn a plain umbrella into a unique and stylish accessory and make the perfect creative DIY gift for anyone who loves to stand out from the crowd.

The supplies you will need to create your paint splattered umbrella include a drop cloth, waterproof paint, old plate, all-purpose paint brushes, scrap paper and of course, an umbrella.

You may want to test out a few splatter techniques before you get started painting your umbrella. To begin, cover your work area with a drop cloth and pour a few drops of paint onto an old plate.

Then, dip your paintbrush into the paint and begin flicking the brush at some scraps of paper and experiment with different brushes, angles and distances until you feel comfortable with the paint splatter technique you are going to use. Then it’s time to paint your umbrella.

To get started on your paint splattered umbrella, open your umbrella and rest it on its handle. One at a time, splatter each colour and rotate the umbrella as you do. Allow each layer of paint to dry before you apply the next layer.

Once all colours are dry, leave your umbrella open to dry all night. Once your paint splattered umbrella is dry, it is now ready for use.

Learn how to create your own Paint-Splattered Umbrella with full instructions and pictures from Design For Mankind.


We were excited when we saw these cool Floppy Disk Plant Boxes! They’re a great throwback gift and a fun way to give some old technology a new purpose and add a lovely burst of colour to your desk, bureau, or kitchen window.

How To Make Floppy Disk Plant BoxesThis project is a fun and colourful way to dress up a plain planter and would look great both outdoors or indoors. We especially love the idea of using the disk labels to name the plants and display instructions on how to care for them.

The supplies you will need to create your planter box include hot glue (or marine glue), plants (soil, seeds, containers) and floppy disks (if you haven’t got any laying around you’ll be able to pick some up at your local discount store or on Amazon).

Get all of your materials in order. The glue will be for attaching the disks to each other. The scissors are for cutting the rim off your plastic planters, if they don’t quite fit in your floppy disk plant box.

Arrange your floppy disks by colour. A set of 25 is perfect for 5 planters – 5 disks for each planter. Heat up the glue and squeeze a thin line onto the edge of a disk and attach it to the second disk’s edge until you’ve gone all the way around. For the bottom, glue four edges of your fifth disk and attach!

Now to get your plant ready. If you’re planting something from scratch, we recommend reusing an old yogurt container. These are decorative planters so you will want to keep your plant in a plastic container or planter that it comes in. If you really want to put soil directly into your floppy disk plant box, make sure you sit it on a plate or tray to hold any excess water flow.

If you really want to get creative, you can use floppy disk labels to make notes about your plants and how to care for them.

And with that, you have your own Floppy Disk Plant Boxes you can give away as an awesome homemade green gift.

Get the complete guide with pictures on how to build planters out of these colourful plastic disks, visit Brit + Co.


A personalised Instagram calendar is an awesome way to display treasured memories.

DIY Instagram CalendarWith the popularity of Instagram still on the rise, a homemade Instagram calendar brings a retro-feel to one of the hottest tech trends while adding a cute touch of chic to the office desk, fridge or kitchen table.

All you have to do to make an adorable calendar like this is get your favorite photos printed. Once you’ve got your photos, you’ll need a printable calendar template, some simple supplies, time and love, to get started.

The supplies you will need to create your Instagram calendar include scissors, hole puncher, double sided tape, string of thread and patterned washi tape.

Print-out the calendar months preferably in a heavier/thicker printing paper so the calendar comes out very sturdy. If each calendar month is about 4 inches wide and 6 inches long you’ll be able to fit 2 into one page. There are a wide rang of printable calendar templates online or you can create your own.

Then choose your 12 most favorite Instagram moments and glue the photos into the top half of the calendar page. Then using double-sided tape, adhere all the photos with their respective months.

Now you have all the photos adhered to a specific month and a small margin on the top half of the calendar. Using a hole puncher, try to make 2 even holes on each side.

Now we need to tie all the months together. Lay out a small piece of thread, fold a piece of paper and put the piece of thread inside of it. Cut small pieces of washi tape and glue them together. Then using a pair of scissors you can cut out the mini shapes.

That’s it! Then tie all the months together using the banner and you’ve created your own DIY Instagram Calendar.

For a full tutorial on how to make this Personalised Instagram Calendar and other great homemade gift ideas, head over to Kloudya.


Crafting your own bead jewellery is a creative passion that allows you to make unique pieces of jewellery for yourself, family and friends. Here is how you can get started.

If you ever asked your self “couldn’t I do that for myself?” while you looked all the way through rows of bead bracelets, necklaces or earrings at a trendy boutique, the answer is “yes”.

Beaded Jewelry GiftsBeading is a creative and enjoyable hobby that not only will have you create one of a kind, handmade pieces of jewellery, and definitely will also be a great source of gift ideas for friends and family.

The initial step would be to locate a fantastic local bead shop. Even though you will find wonderful mail order catalogs and websites that can offer you all the items, next to nothing replaces for the guidance and assistance of experienced sales staff. Ideally, this store will also offer a number of beginners’ courses that could allow you to understand basic skills (should there be no bead store in your town, some introductory books such as The Comprehensive Idiot’s Guidebook to Beading will have to do).

Start with a simple project, along the lines of a bracelet or simple necklace, and you should not get carried away with expensive beads and findings (clasps, hooks, etc.). You may be wishing to use crystal, sterling silver or semi-precious beads right now, however you can work up to that in the future. Some stores will even offer bundled starter kits which include a beading board (which will help you with project layout and measurements), some necessary tools, beads, wire, findings and a how-to-book.

It is advisable to then setup your own “beading space” – preferably an uncluttered, well-lit area. You might have to pick up an effective lamp, perhaps one coupled with a magnifying lens. Just remember, you will be stringing some rather tiny objects!

Make sure you have plenty of storage containers to always keep different types and colors of beads isolated – nothing will spoil your joy of beading like having to search for just one bead in a bewildering heap. Beading stores will sell you countless storage systems (including beading bags for the beader-on-the-go), but you may also try out cheap plastic storage containers designed to hold small hardware or fishing tackle.

Well, there you are ready for your very first bead jewellery project! Don’t forget to safeguard your beading zone from curious cats and small children. Happy beading, and have fun making use of your hand-crafted jewellery!

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Several of the most wonderful gifts that I have received in my life are those that my close friends and relatives have made for me. There is a little something very special about receiving a present together with knowing that not only did that person spend their valuable time searching for the perfect things to go into it yet they also made it with their very own hands! It’s something similar to the distinction between a home cooked meal and a restaurant one: simple yet indisputable.

Certainly one of the important things to take into account if you are designing jewellery for anybody is their own personal preferences. I know it may seem totally obvious but how many occasions have you been given a present and thought, “Well, it’s good enough but isn’t this a lot more like something they will wear, eat, tune in to, watch, etc,” It’s quite easy to get carried away when you are designing something and are thinking, “Oh, these subtle gemstone beads look gorgeous with these stylish cobalt briolettes! I ‘ll use them all together.” However, while you are creating for someone who would choose larger amethyst nuggets beads or substantial keishi pearls even though the item you style and design with the gemstone beads and blue briolettes may be beautiful they may not admire it just as much as you do. Therefore the first thing to consider when you find yourself arranging jewellery is, “What will they like?”

If you know them very well you will be able to remember their favorite colors. Would they opt for anything dramatic or really wild? Or are they much more into subtle or delicate? Or is absolutely everything they own fairly neutral? Or will they adopt every brand new fashion? If they enjoy drama and color you think of a number of the more bright colored precious stones which often come in bigger sizings similar to kunzite, turquoise, ruby zoisite, blue chalcedony, fluorite or lapis. Even if they really like delicate and elegant then precious stones will probably win their hearts. Consider ruby, emerald, sapphires or possibly for the much more adventurous: spinel, tsavorite garnet, tanzanite, apatite, tourmaline (certainly one of my personal favorites!) or diamond beads if your intention is to surprise them. Don’t be deterred by the expense of precious stones. You can always go for several briolettes to make a nice pendant necklace by dangling them from an open link chain or perhaps you could possibly get a set for ear-rings. If you’re creating for a person who really loves neutrals you may go with traditional pearls or any one of the many varieties of mother of pearl, quartz, moonstone, agate. Fossilized coral is also a beautiful neutral with fascinating patterns: perfect for pendants! Even if they follow the hottest style it’s genuinely entertaining to get them an element that very few folks have ever heard of such as hypersthene, chiasolite, bronzite, kunzite, fuschite or hemimorphite gemstone beads.

There are lots of gems to choose from that the most challenging aspect is narrowing it down. I notice that once you have chosen the stones you think they will like best the designing portion takes care of itself. You’ve already considered their own personal style so it’s simple to produce something which works for them. After you’ve chosen your beads and specially designed your piece the really fun part begins: delivering the gift and if you’ve done your task right watching their eyes glow once they open it. By designing some thing on your own for your close friend or relative you will get something really extraordinary. Not only do you get to bestow a wonderfully special present to somebody you cherish; you obtain the satisfaction of looking at them wear it and cherish it for the rest of their life. Just what could possibly be more delightful?

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